Concrete Saw Cutting

Concrete and asphalt are fairly hard substances.  Therefore, something even harder is needed to cut it.  Although the first diamond blades developed used natural diamonds, modern concrete saw blades use synthetic diamonds which are specially engineered to most effectively cut specific aggregates within the concrete.  Whether your project requires a high RPM saw or an electric-powered flat saw for your cutting and trenching, R.J. Potteiger Construction Services, Inc. will meet those needs and ensure that your job is completed safely and efficiently.


We Perform Various Types of Saw Cutting in Central PA and Beyond


Our saw cutting services include but are not limited to:

  • Slab Sawing
    • Cutting reinforced concrete floors
    • Cutting expansion and control joints
    • Structural Decks
    • Roadways
  • Wall Sawing
    • Straight, smooth finished openings in walls, ceilings, and floors
    • Accurately sized, fixture ready openings
    • Bevel cutting
  • Hand Sawing
    • Electrical, plumbing, and HVAC openings
    • Ventilation and air conditioning openings
    • Small, tightly accessed areas where cutting is needed


Concrete Sawing Services

Concrete Slab Sawing

Slab sawing is one of the most well-known types of concrete cutting. It’s also called flat sawing, and is used to create a flat, even surface. Because of its versatility, slab sawing is used by a wide variety of industries. Most slab cutting is done with a diamond blade. It’s mounted on a walk-behind machine, which is operated by one of our experienced concrete slab cutters.

We’ve been providing slab cutting services for over two decades. Our wide portfolio of projects includes slab sawing for repairs on roadways and in industrial buildings. R.J. Potteiger Construction Services, Inc. also provides concrete slab cutting services to level out foundations before construction starts, and to flatten bridges and structural decks. Finally, our experienced concrete slab cutters have used concrete sawing techniques to make control joints and expansion joints for a wide variety of projects.

Precision is key when you’re flat cutting concrete. Good slab sawing techniques create strong, even building foundations. We also use the same precise process to cut expansion and control joints. Slab sawing high-quality expansion and control joints will help keep your concrete from cracking, prolonging the life of your project.


Materials Suitable for Concrete Slab Cutting Projects:
  • Asphalt
  • Poured concrete
  • Pre-cast concrete
Cutting Depth:
  • Concrete or asphalt up to 24 inches thick
  • Allows access to water and sewer lines with minimal damage to surrounding asphalt
  • Effective way to repair flat surfaces
  • Quick process that prevents interruption to other construction work


Uses for Concrete Slab Cutting:

Cutting Reinforced Concrete Floors

Concrete slab sawing is used to level concrete floors for industrial and commercial spaces. It can be used to reduce floor height considerably, and to create an even surface for foundation slabs. Concrete cutters are also suitable for reinforced concrete floors.

Cutting Expansion and Control Joints

Concrete sawing is used to create expansion and control joints in a concrete surface. Because concrete has fairly low tensile strength compared to its overall strength, it’s important to add features to improve the weight load a building or roadway can hold. Control joints are created to prevent the concrete from cracking. Expansion joints are used to separate the concrete from other building elements with different tensile properties.

Structural Decks

Slab sawing is also used to create smooth and flat structural decks. This process is suitable for bridge decks as well as roof and floor decks in large buildings. Because concrete cutting offers precise control over the depth and thickness of cuts, it’s an ideal technique for reducing height and flattening concrete on load-bearing structures where exact measurements are essential.


Slab cutting is often used to flatten and repair roads. When a roadway needs repairs, slab cutting is an ideal strategy for minimizing waste while repairing the road. We also use slab cutting to provide access to water, electricity and sewage pipelines under roads. This provides easy access with minimal disruption to nearby road surfaces.



Concrete Wall Sawing

Concrete wall sawing techniques have been continuously refined since the first concrete wall saws were created in the 1940s. Today, concrete wall sawing is used to create straight, smooth finished openings in concrete walls, ceilings and floors. Concrete wall cutting is sometimes called track cutting, because wall saws often use tracks to ensure that cuts in the concrete are properly aligned.

We believe that learning is part of every builder’s job. That’s why our concrete cutters are constantly updating their techniques and learning innovative new strategies. When we provide wall cutting services, we’re able to use cutting-edge techniques to minimize waste and improve worksite safety around a cutting project.

Because of the angles involved, concrete wall cutting can bring structural challenges unlike any other type of concrete sawing. That’s why our skilled operators will monitor each phase of a concrete wall sawing job.

We use powerful diamond-blade concrete saws to cut precise openings in concrete walls, ceilings and floors. These are a safe way to create high-quality cuts in the strongest reinforced concrete walls.


Materials Suitable for Concrete Wall Cutting Projects:
  • Poured concrete
  • Concrete pipe
  • Tilt up concrete panels
  • Up to 24 inches deep (access on one side only)
  • Up to 48 inches deep when wall can be accessed from both sides
  • Low vibration minimizes impact on surrounding concrete
  • Ideal for concrete cutting in small spaces
  • Straight, smooth cuts create openings that precisely match the required measurements

Uses for Concrete Wall Cutting

Straight, Smooth Finished Openings in Walls, Ceilings and Floors

We use concrete wall saws to place window and door openings in even the thickest precast concrete or concrete panels. A wall saw makes it possible to cut through very thick concrete with minimal vibration or disruption to nearby surfaces. It’s also possible to use wall cutting techniques to cut openings in floors and ceilings. Once an opening is cut, the door or window can be placed easily.

Accurately Sized, Fixture-Ready Openings

Wall sawing is often used to create openings for specific fixtures in commercial and industrial buildings. Concrete wall cutters often use a straight guide to create smooth, straight-edged openings that are ideal for HVAC systems, plumbing and other commercial fixtures. We can cut these openings to match even unusual fixture sizes. This reduces energy loss and minimizes the need for insulation and sealants.


Concrete Hand Sawing

Concrete hand sawing is used when larger flat or wall saws just can’t get the job done. If you need to cut concrete in confined spaces, hand sawing is the best way to get the job done. More than any other type of concrete sawing, hand sawing depends on experienced, skilled technicians to create smooth, straight openings.

R.J. Potteiger Construction Services, Inc. has been offering concrete hand sawing services for residential, commercial and industrial projects for more than 20 years. Our skilled operators create precise concrete cuts for the most demanding projects.

Concrete hand sawing is usually used to cut electrical and plumbing openings in concrete. We regularly use these techniques for HVAC systems and ventilation systems. Finally, concrete hand saws are a portable and efficient way to cut concrete pipes to length.

We also offer hand sawing services when larger saws don’t offer the precision you need. Our experienced hand saw operators can cut intricate door openings and unique window shapes in concrete. This allows you to exactly match the measurements of your fixtures with minimal impact on the wall around it.


Materials Suitable for Concrete Hand Sawing Projects:
  • Concrete pipes
  • Concrete slabs
  • Pre-cast concrete
  • Concrete walls and floors
  • Concrete sawing in small spaces that other blades can’t access
  • Ideal for creating small openings for utility lines and pipes
  • Portability makes it easy to reduce overcuts or saw concrete pipes to length around a job site

Uses for Concrete Hand Sawing

Electrical, Plumbing and HVAC Openings

Concrete hand saws are used to cut electrical and plumbing openings for new utility lines. They’re also used to expand your existing electrical or plumbing system. Hand saws offer some of the most precise control available. That means they’ll cause minimal disruption to your current plumbing system or to nearby concrete walls and floors.

Ventilation and Air Conditioning Openings

Hand sawing is often used to create small openings like those needed for ventilation and HVAC systems. These small saws allow an operator more flexibility, as well. This makes it possible to cut concrete ventilation openings close to other features in the concrete.

Small, Tightly Accessed Areas Where Cutting Is Needed

Because concrete hand saws are portable, they’re ideal for sawing in small spaces where other saws can’t reach. If you’re cutting ventilation holes, plumbing holes or other openings in cramped areas like a crawlspace, hand sawing is the best option.


Frequently Asked Questions about Our Concrete Cutting Services

What types of saws do you use to cut concrete?

We use synthetic diamond blades for most of our concrete cutting projects. Originally, concrete cutting blades used natural diamonds. However, today we use synthetic diamond blades. These are engineered specifically for the aggregates in concrete and asphalt. As a result, cuts are cleaner and more precise.

We’ll match the saw strength, speed and power source to your project. If your concrete cutting project is indoors, we often choose to use an electric concrete cutting saw. These saws don’t produce any fumes, and are ideal for indoor projects. If we’re working on an infrastructure project away from power sources, we usually opt for a diesel concrete saw.

What experience do your concrete cutters have?

Concrete cutters at R.J. Potteiger Construction Services, Inc. have extensive experience with different concrete sawing and core drilling techniques. Many of our employees are also cross-trained in different construction disciplines. This helps us match employees with right training and experience for your job.

High-quality workmanship and safety are a key part of our company’s ideals. That means our team members are constantly learning innovative techniques for the highest-quality concrete cuts. Your project will benefit from our state-of-the-art concrete cutting tools, cutting-edge work techniques and new methods to minimize waste and increase efficiency.

Do you offer concrete saw cutting for installing new plumbing?

Yes. We offer a variety of concrete cutting services for installing and accessing plumbing lines. If you have an industrial or commercial project that requires access to major plumbing and sewer lines, consider concrete slab sawing. This is an ideal way to gain access to utility areas with minimal damage to the surrounding asphalt.

We’re also a concrete cutting contractor for installing new plumbing in residential or commercial projects. We often use wall cutting or hand sawing techniques to cut new openings for plumbing or electrical lines. When you hire us for a project, we’ll work with you to choose the right saws and concrete cutting techniques for your plumbing lines.

Many of our concrete cutters are cross-trained in other construction disciplines. That means that we’re able to work effectively with plumbers, electricians and other trade specialists. On any project, we look for ways to minimize downtime for other tradesmen while maintaining the highest-quality standards for our work.

What about concrete core drilling?

We provide concrete core drilling services to industrial and commercial clients throughout Central Pennsylvania and beyond. Our core drilling services page provides more information about the types of core drilling we offer.

What’s the difference between concrete cutting and grinding?

Like concrete slab cutting, grinding is used to smoothen and level a concrete surface. Concrete grinding is often used to level driveways, sidewalks, and other trip hazards. Concrete grinders are usually handheld devices that can be operated with minimal training.

There are two major differences between concrete cutting and concrete grinding. The first major difference is how much concrete or asphalt can be removed in a single pass. Where concrete grinders wear down the surface of the concrete, a cutter actually slides through the material. This allows us to make precision cuts up to 24 inches deep. We sometimes use a special blade to allow us to cut up to 27 inches into a slab.

The second major difference is the intricacy of cuts that a concrete cutter offers. Concrete cutters have more advanced controls, as well as tracks that allow us to cut precise lines. When we’re working on a project where the correct measurements are essential, concrete cutting gives us more control.

What types of concrete can be cut?

We are able to cut almost all types of concrete, including reinforced concrete. We offer concrete cutting services for poured concrete (slab foundations), pre-cast concrete components like walls and roof pieces, and concrete panels.

R.J. Potteiger Construction Services, Inc. is also experienced with the challenges that come with industrial concrete cutting. We are able to slab cut or wall cut reinforced concrete, such as that used in concrete foundations, beams and utility structures. If your project involves concrete that’s reinforced with rebar, we’ll work with you to develop a concrete cutting strategy with minimal impact on the surrounding materials.

Concrete cutting has other applications, as well. From concrete pipes to asphalt roads and utility trenches, there are a number of materials that can be sawed with concrete cutting techniques. If you’re not sure whether concrete cutting is suitable for your project, contact us. Our diversified construction team can help you figure out the right approach to accomplish your goal.

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