R. J. Potteiger Construction Services, Inc. is a diversified construction company with over 20 years of experience. We have the ability to self-perform various aspects of projects upon our client’s request. We are diversified in our services because our employees are cross-trained and able to respond to construction variables and demands of the construction industry. However, we remain unvarying when it comes to our quality workmanship and the satisfaction of our clients. The majority of our projects are completed through a negotiated team managed approach. This approach provides cooperation, communication and coordination resulting in quality projects that are completed economically and efficiently.

Our Commercial, Industrial and Warehouse Industry services include but are not limited to:

Extensive Experience in a Variety of Services

R.J. Potteiger Construction Services, Inc. delivers quality projects within a wide variety of construction services. Due to our extensive experience in a wide variety of services, we have the ability to self-perform diversified aspects of the entire project upon the client’s request. By doing this, we assist in achieving the overall project goals while remaining within the client’s budget.

To learn more about the services that we offer, please call our office or contact us online today. We will be happy to schedule a no-obligation on-site consultation at your convenience.