Concrete Subcontracting Services

Concrete Subcontractors in PA

In addition to our quality work as a general contractor, R.J. Potteiger Construction Services, Inc. is available as a concrete subcontractor. If you are seeking subcontractors for concrete and related services in and around the Central Pennsylvania area, contact R.J. Potteiger Construction Services, Inc. for a competitive bid on an efficient, high-quality job. Read below to see the services we provide as subcontractors in Pennsylvania.

If you need subcontracting services in and around Carlisle, get in touch with R.J. Potteiger Construction Services, Inc., first. We offer competitive bids, and with more than 20 years of construction experience in Pennsylvania, we know how to get the job done right and within your budget. For an estimate on any of our subcontracting services, call 717-697-3192 or fill out a contact form online today.

Concrete Subcontracting Services

Warehouse Floor Repairs

Another area of service in which R.J. Potteiger Construction Services, Inc. subcontractors for concrete is in warehouse floor repairs. Warehouse floor joint edges can easily become damaged by hard-wheeled traffic and falling inventory. Random cracking is also common with warehouse floor construction. These  issues should not be left untreated  for they can quickly become worse. R.J. Potteiger Construction Services, Inc. can help with warehouse floor-repair services including:

  • Shrinkage crack repair
  • Control joint repair
  • Surface breakdown or delamination repair
  • Crack and spall repair


Core Drilling

Concrete core drilling is a subcontracting service wherein we create the required openings for electrical lines, communication cables and other building systems in concrete slabs. Virtually all buildings will need some measure of core drilling to facilitate the various lines, pipes and cables running through the property.

It’s very important to be precise with respect to diameter and depth, and to subcontract with a company that knows how to drill safely and without unnecessary damage to the surrounding concrete. R.J. Potteiger Construction Services, Inc. can provide precise core drilling in walls, floor slabs and ceilings for:

  • Plumbing
  • HVAC systems
  • Electrical services
  • Floor drains
  • Communication lines


Saw Cutting

Saw cutting is a method used to cut control joints in concrete with predetermined spacing to help control shrinkage cracks. Since  concrete is an extremely hard substances by design, typical sawing methods are not suitable. R.J. Potteiger Construction Services, Inc. has high-rpm saws and electric-powered flat saws that use extremely hard synthetic diamonds in the blades for effective cutting. R.J. Potteiger Construction Services, Inc. can perform accurate, effective saw cutting for:

  • Slab sawing – concrete floors, control joints, structural decks
  • Wall sawing – bevel cutting, fixture-ready openings, smooth finished openings in walls, floors and ceilings
  • Hand sawing – electrical openings, ventilation, air conditioning


Demolition, Excavation and Hauling

Before you  begin any new construction, you may need to get rid of what’s already on your lot. R.J. Potteiger Construction Services, Inc. can safely, cleanly and efficiently remove existing structures, both residential and commercial. We can perform interior  and exterior demolition in both occupied and vacant locations without disturbing your daily activities or compromising your safety. Our demolition services in central Pennsylvania include:

  • Concrete slab demolition
  • Gut-out demolition, including utilities
  • Pool removal
  • Land clearing


In addition to demolishing existing construction, R.J. Potteiger Construction Services, Inc. offers limited site excavation and hauling services to our central Pennsylvania clients. We will haul  various debris to an approved disposal facility, which includes :

  • Concrete slab debris
  • Excess soil
  • Varied waste material


Our available excavation services include:

  • Site and trench work
  • Ponds
  • Housing and building pads
  • Pools


Slipform Concrete

A technique originally designed for building grain silos, slipform concrete construction refers to concrete poured into a continuously moving form. The result is a seamless, quick-forming concrete product that is highly durable and effective.

One of the most common slipform methods is horizontal slipform, in which the concrete is laid down, vibrated and worked as it moves ahead. Slipform is a method that can produce high-quality results extremely quickly, which is why it is very popular for jobs with a limited timeframe. Types of projects for which slipform is commonly used include:

  • Concrete barrier walls
  • Roads
  • Runway strips
  • Sidewalks