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Warehouse CONCRETE Floor Repair


Most concrete warehouse and industrial floors become subject to joints with spalling edges. This should be seen as an early indication of serious potential for long term damage. The floor joint edges are vulnerable to damage and tend to spall under the impact from hard wheeled traffic such as forklift machinery. Also these floors are subject to random cracking.

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Floor joints are controlled cracks in concrete slabs and are designed and positioned to allow movement in concrete floors. Without restraining that movement it could lead to random cracking. Early life drying shrinkage and long term thermal changes are a few of the main causes of concrete floor joint movement. Joint sealant should be rigid enough to provide support and protection to the concrete. However, it must also accommodate the anticipated movement in the floor while remaining bonded to at least one face of the joint.

Crack repairs to concrete warehouse floors help to prevent further degradation of the floor and create a smooth surface. This provides increased mobility to heavy forklifts or pallet jacks and reduces trip hazards for employees and general public use.

Warehouse CONCRETE Floor Repair

Common Issues With Warehouse Floors

While concrete is one of the toughest materials and is a low-maintenance flooring solution, that doesn’t mean you won’t ever experience any issues with it. Issues like cracks don’t just affect the aesthetics of your warehouse. They can also affect the safety and well-being of your workers. Trips and falls can lead to injuries and even impact how well you remain in compliance with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) safety regulation standards.

To prevent these kinds of things from occurring, here are six of the most common issues with warehouse floors:

  1. Contraction joints: Joints are put in place during your concrete floor installation to allow for structural movement. Fluctuations in temperature can cause the concrete to expand or contract, which can lead to surface cracks. If these joints are missing or are improperly installed, you could start experiencing visible damage and cracks.
  2. Surface cracks: Other issues like ongoing traffic or regular wear and tear over time can also lead to cracks on the floor’s surface. It’s common for these cracks to start off small and then expand in size when the flooring is exposed to more pressure and movement.
  3. Curling of corners and edges: The corners and edges of a warehouse’s concrete floor could potentially either rise or curl up from varying moisture levels between the upper and lower slabs of concrete. Along with curling, this can also lead to a sunken center of your concrete floor.
  4. Pitting and spalling damage: Pitting and spalling are two different issues that can impact the look and integrity of a concrete floor. While pitting looks like tiny holes on the surface of the floor, spalling causes more of a crumbling appearance.
  5. Stains, marks and dents: Whether it’s from dragging something heavy across the floor or heavy traffic, excessive stains, scratches, dings and marks can all negatively affect how well your concrete floor looks and functions.
  6. Floor markings that aren’t visible: Whether your floor marks are used for highlighting access points or areas for operating heavy equipment, it’s important that your crew is able to easily see them. If they are faded or rubbing away, your crew could be at risk for accidents.


Whether you’re dealing with a simple concrete floor crack that needs to be repaired or something more involved, R.J. Potteiger Construction Services, Inc. has you covered. We can handle all kinds of warehouse concrete floor repairs, including:

  • Surface breakdown or delamination repairs
  • Expansion, contraction, construction or induced concrete floor joint failure
  • Shrinkage cracking
  • Crack and spall repairs
  • Control joint repairs

Regardless of what caused your concrete flooring issuesR.J. Potteiger Construction Services, Inc. can provide an efficient and affordable repair solution to your warehouse flooring project. We are your source for warehouse concrete floor repair in Central, PA and surrounding areas.

Warehouse CONCRETE Floor Repair


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